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Checking, Analyzing, and Cleanup of Your Backlink Portfolio

Many companies believe getting as many backlinks from other sites as possible is essential. Digital Results knows from years of testing and implementing link-building strategies that all links differ. First, it is necessary to determine who and in what ways other sites link to your website.

Then, a cleanup process needs to be put in place. Finally, a plan can be created to get you suitable links that will benefit not just individual pages but also specific keywords and help your site be seen in organic listings on sites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo through improved ranking factors.

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“There are still algorithms that look at link quality” … “Google does use the content around the link for a secondary signal, but the real ‘strong piece’ of context comes from the anchor text of a link” John Mueller – Search Advocate at Google

Our in-house team of experts works alongside Google, utilizing some of their products, such as Google Search Console. We look for bad backlinks, the number of referring domains, your linking scheme, and more. We work with you to create a plan to add more link juice to your website through toxic disavowed links and create a link profile audit.

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Are Link Audit Services Necessary?

Keeping track of your site’s inbound links is essential to maintain a profile of high-quality links. A link profile filled with links from low-quality sites with spammy anchor text and an unnatural link velocity can hurt your search engine optimization (SEO). It may cause you to be penalized by Google, causing your web pages to drop from the SERP results.

We aim to identify all the external links pointing to your website, determine which ones are potentially harmful, and eliminate them. We work to remove bad links through manual actions and link pages to correct spots on your website.


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Our Link Audit Services

The 6 Steps of a Backlink Audit

At Digital Results, our backlink audits follow similar processes to the other audit services we offer. We use several tools and techniques are used at each step of the process.

Compare Your Backlink Profile to Your Competitors

This process needs to include the following: a complete analysis of your and your competitors’ backlinks/referring domains/IPs, the link’s domain authority scores for all links, the backlink types (follow links vs. nofollow links), the link attributes, and the trend of links to all the sites.

Changes in Link Velocity​

Here, we analyze the link-building trends for your site and competitors. This allows us to better understand the upcoming months and can help us determine a link-building plan. It is essential to see how many new links are being built and if links need to be recovered.

Are you Carrying Toxic Links on Your Site?

We are sure you have heard about how a rotten apple can ruin a whole box of apples; in the same way, wrong links are no different. If Google and other search engines see harmful or toxic links pointing to your site, these links could actually drive down valid links in their algorithm. It is essential to determine which links are bad and create a plan to remove them from your website.

Eliminate Harmful Links

Next, we create a plan to remove toxic and even some non-toxic links that could be harmful. Working with our staff and several tools, we ensure that search engines do not penalize you for these links.

Analyze the Domain/Link Ratios

Google has told us time and time again that they prefer your site to have as many links from as many different high-quality websites. That does not mean having several links from one site is terrible, but getting an external link from every page on a domain could look spammy to Google. We work with your team to determine which links should be kept and which should be removed.

Create a Link Building Plan

Once we have all of the data for both your site and the competitors, we can start building plans for what pages on your site will need link-building. Traditionally, this is determined based on what links are currently pointing to your page vs what the compset has. The plan will guide and direct us to find the best links to work at getting.

How Long Does a Backlink Audit Take?

Complete the full link audit, which usually can take several weeks. It is important to note that this includes the 6 steps mentioned above. Pulling data takes a few hours, but the analysis and planning from the information we pull takes time. Remember, when determining your search engine positions, you want to take your time with something that Google looks at.

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