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Identifying Opportunities in a Competitive Landscape

To stay ahead of the competition, every business has to know who they’re going up against. Understanding your industry’s competitive landscape will help you plan strategically and make informed business decisions. In search engine optimization (SEO), the competitive analysis report goes beyond looking at your traditional industry rivals. Our audit analyzes direct and indirect competitors to deliver you a competitive advantage.

Experts in SEO Competitive Analysis

With over 25 years of SEO experience, we know how to increase your SERP rankings. Our experts specialize in competitive analysis to give you the upper hand in your industry. By understanding how you fit alongside your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, we help you make effective business decisions for long-term growth and success.

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Comprehensive Competitive Analysis Report

While it’s common to focus on direct competitors when planning an SEO campaign, many businesses overlook the competition from sites that offer very different products or services but still compete with them in search rankings. At Digital Results, we see these indirect competitors as part of the larger competitive landscape. Our competitive audit gives you valuable information about your competitors and the keywords they’re targeting so you can make informed business decisions.

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Our Competitive Analysis Services

What is in Our SEO Competitive Analysis

Our audit equips clients to position themselves better against their competition. We do not rely on one single tool or system in our competitor analysis report. This gives you a clearer picture of your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses to help you devise strategies to boost your business’s success.

seo competitive analysis

Competitive Analysis Matrix

The competitive analysis matrix is a graph showing how you and your competitors rank for overall site traffic and keywords. This is a quick way to understand where you fit within your industry. We use this to make informed decisions regarding SEO strategy and guide you to become a leader amongst your competition.

Paid Advertising Keywords

An often overlooked strategy that we use is analyzing what keywords your competitors are targeting with their paid advertising. This provides insight into what your customers are searching for when they want to find information about products and services in your industry. This information determines which topics are most important to your target audience and how to improve your content to meet those needs. Doing this can improve your organic rankings for better digital marketing.

Keyword Overlap

Keyword overlap shows where you and your competitors rank for the same keyword in SERPs. This gives insight into improving your long-term ranking by finding out what strategies are working best so you can apply them to your site. It can also identify indirect competitors outside your industry that consistently rank for similar keywords.

Keyword Gap

Wouldn’t it be great if you could figure out how to attract your competitors’ customers? A keyword gap analysis can help with that. We analyze the top players in your industry and what keywords they rank highly for. Keyword relevance, search volume, keyword intent, and difficulty are all weighted when determining the bottom line: which new keywords will most effectively grow your customer base.

Backlink Profiles

Search engines use backlinks to determine who is an expert for that keyword. Our backlink audit compares the quantity and quality of domains and links leading to your site with your competitors. Knowing how you perform with backlinks helps determine which strategies to focus on.

It is ideal to grow the number of high authority domains linking to your content, but equally important to reduce the effect low authority links have on your overall rating. Furthermore, backlink profiles allow you to identify domains linking to competitor sites that you could partner with.

Why is SEO Competitive Analysis Important?

In SEO, competitive analysis shows how you are performing within your industry so you can make informed decisions to grow your business. Additionally, it identifies new opportunities for targeting keywords and content by looking at both your direct and indirect competition.

Expanding the Scope of SEO Competitive Analysis

Our approach to SEO competitive analysis involves a comprehensive examination of the landscape in which your business operates. By conducting an SEO competitive analysis report, we delve into the tactics and strategies employed by your rivals, gaining valuable insights that inform our own approaches. In addition, our SEO audit competitive analysis uncovers opportunities to optimize your website in ways that surpass your competition.

Enhancing SEO Strategies for Competitive Edge

In developing SEO strategies, we focus on matching and outperforming your competitors. We analyze your competitor’s backlink profiles, understanding the nature of their organic traffic and examining the content that has brought them success. This detailed analysis informs our SEO efforts, allowing us to effectively target keywords and refine your content strategy.

Using Technical SEO for Greater Analysis

Technical SEO forms a vital part of our competitive analysis. We assess site structure, page speed, and overall user experience by studying competitors’ sites. This enables us to identify technical areas where your site can be improved to match and exceed the performance of your competitors’ websites.

Utilizing Tools for In-depth Insights

We employ a range of competitive analysis tools to gain a thorough understanding of where your competitors are ranking and the strategies they are using. These tools, like Google Search Console, provide us with data on search volume, keyword rankings, and other critical ranking factors, enabling us to craft a comprehensive SEO campaign that positions your business ahead of its competitors.

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