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Our SEO agency takes the time upfront to properly analyze all aspects of your website, as well as that of your competition. This allows us to know where we are starting and the tactics and direction we will need to focus on. Working on SEO without all the information leads to lost time, opportunity, and revenues. Don’t be fooled into paying anyone to work on your SEO without a complete and comprehensive audit. It will save you money in the long run, and that is what we are in for – the long run.

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As Google and other search engines continue to change and modify what is included in their algorithms, it is crucial to get your SEO done right the first time. Our SEO audit experts can help deliver the SEO audit report to create a map to achieve your SEO goals.

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We Deliver the Best SEO Audits Because of Our Audit Checklists

Time and time again, people have asked for a copy of our SEO audit checklists, but we guard it more carefully than the secret recipe of Coke. Unlike Coke, we are constantly enhancing and tweaking the recipe, especially as we see changes and trends happening within search engines and their mysterious algorithms. We can’t see everything that Google has in its algorithm. Still, we carefully follow what we see across hundreds of websites we work with and use that information to modify and perfect our SEO audit process regularly.


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The 7 Types of SEO Audits

Search engine optimization audits, like most kinds of audit tactics, incorporate a wide range of practices, checklists, forms, and tools. SEO audits can usually be filed into one of seven primary types of audits.

seo content audit

SEO Content Audits

An SEO content audit is a process of appraising your existing website content and finding content that can be deleted, merged, optimized, or even needs to be created. Content audits look for ways to improve the content currently on your site and opportunities you may not already be considering. Always keep your content fresh and relevant, and a content audit is a great place to start.

infrastructure audit

Infrastructure Audits

Since Google uses Machine Learning (ML) within its algorithm, it is important to look at the URL and site infrastructure to make sure that we are helping Google’s crawlers best understand our website. Site URL structure can tell Google what we are an authority on and areas we are expanding in. Even looking at internal linking can inform Google what we are prioritizing and what we would like to prioritize as well.

What are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audits?

Search engine optimization (SEO) audits analyze how well your website follows SEO best practices. Several parts comprise an SEO audit, including technical, content, keyword, competitive, and local SEO audits. All help better understand where and for what Google and other search engines will show their users about your site.

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