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Google Announces 2022 Most Searched Terms in Phoenix Area

Every year Google shares the most common searches that happen in the world and by country. This year they have stepped up and have shared the most common searches in many of the top US markets, including Scottsdale and the Phoenix Valley. Below are some of the fun things we found the Phoenicians have been searching for in 2022.

The Phoenix, AZ area was the only place in the U.S. with lobster roll as its top trending “near me” search.

The red panda was the Phoenix area’s top trending animal this year.

The Phoenix, AZ area was one of only 4 places that had pottery classes as a top trending “near me” search, along with Gulfport, MS, Burlington, VT, and New Haven, CT.

The grinder sandwich was the Phoenix area’s top trending recipe.

The Phoenix area searched for rap more than any other music genre in 2022.

Top 10 Trending “near me” Searches in the Phoenix, AZ Area in 2022

  1. lobster roll near me 
  2. cheapest gas near me 
  3. gas prices near me 
  4. pilates near me 
  5. pottery classes near me 
  6. concerts near me 
  7. movies near me 
  8. at home covid test near me 
  9. chiropractor near me 
  10. movie theatre near me

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