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Is Bing AI the New & Better AI Tool?

Why use AI in Marketing?

AI tools have significantly transformed the marketing landscape by offering various benefits to businesses. One of the significant advantages is personalized marketing, where AI algorithms analyze customer data to provide customized marketing messages and offers. By personalizing marketing, businesses can achieve higher engagement and conversions. AI-powered writing tools can also automate tedious and repetitive marketing tasks, such as scheduling social media posts and sending emails, allowing marketers to focus on more strategic activities. 

Additionally, AI-powered predictive analytics and machine learning can analyze past customer behavior to predict future behavior, which can help businesses tailor their marketing campaigns and offer to meet customer needs and preferences. Ai- chatbots can provide customers with 24/7 support, answering common questions and resolving issues in real time.

These tools can help businesses improve targeting by analyzing customer data to identify groups with similar characteristics and behaviors, enabling them to create targeted marketing messages and offers. Overall, AI tools provide businesses with the ability to make data-driven decisions and automate tasks, resulting in increased efficiency, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.

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What Makes Bing AI Different?

Microsoft announced in its February 2023 update that Bing and Edge would be relaunched with a new search engine tool powered by AI. This new search is harnessing the power of Chat GPT and allows users to not only ask questions but continue the conversation with follow-up questions such as “give me more options.”

Similar to using Chat GPT, you can receive help with creative ideas such as short stories or project ideas. Bing differentiates itself by also searching the web for a summarized answer to the question you’re asking, as well as providing search links you would find on other search engines. 

Microsoft has powered this tool to work as if you’re communicating with a human by asking questions in your normal tone of voice, following up for a more specific response, and providing feedback for future search results. The option for summarized answers is currently not available on other search engines like Google, which provide snippets from featured websites or questions people ask.

Referred to as your “copilot for the web”, Bing searches the same websites but provides an answer that it believes you are looking for to minimize the amount of time you spend searching for answers to your questions.

Microsoft Vs Google

“The Race Starts Today,” said Satya Nadella during his introduction to the new Microsoft AI tools, referencing an ongoing race with Google for the best search engine. Google, which accounts for over 90% of the search engine market, has also started work on its version of Ai search called “Bard,” which they announced days after Microsoft.

Google, which already includes some AI in its search results, is working on a competitive response to Bing by also expanding the ability to answer questions based on videos and images depending on the operating system they use.

Some analysts believe that Google’s hesitancy to release AI products is because Google has much more to lose, as Microsoft can only go up in search numbers. So far, it seems Microsoft has the advantage and lead in the race to launch this intuitive product.

Responsible AI on Bing Search

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AI is constantly learning, and according to Bing’s website, they are continuing to work with OpenAI to keep humans a part of this process as it learns.

Their work will help monitor content and keep safeguards in place so that search is both reliable and helpful. You can report answers to Microsoft for review if you notice false information or offensive content.

Is Bing AI the Best Tool Out There?

The new Bing AI search is supercharged compared to other search engines available right now; as it harnesses the power of Chat GPT, it will surely revolutionize the way users know to search the web. The benefit of not having to search, click various URLs, reword your question, and repeat will be a game changer for most users when they are in need of quick responses.

The ability for Bing to search the web for current events and updated websites sets it apart from Chat GPT, which can not currently provide the most up-to-date information for recent events. Microsoft hasn’t yet opened up these enhanced features to all users, but it is safe to say that they currently have the leading edge on AI search. Time will tell how the race for AI between Google and Microsoft plays out.

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