2023 “Super Bowl” Online Advertising and Trademark Guidelines

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The “Super Bowl” Trademark

The “Super Bowl” trademark is a registered trademark owned by the National Football League (NFL). As such, the NFL trademark division has the right to restrict the use of the term to protect its intellectual property. Businesses are generally not allowed to use the term “Super Bowl” in their marketing or advertising without permission from the NFL.

There are a few exceptions to this rule. Only businesses that are official sponsors of the Super Bowl are allowed to use the term in their online marketing and advertising efforts.

Additionally, businesses that are having watch parties but are not official sponsors may be able to use the term in a descriptive manner, such as “Come watch the Super Bowl on our big-screen TVs!” However, even in these cases, businesses should be careful not to imply any official endorsement or sponsorship by the NFL.

The online restrictions on using the term “Super Bowl” can be confusing for businesses, especially those that are not official sponsors of the event. In order to avoid any potential legal issues, we recommend that businesses consult with a lawyer before using the term in their commercial marketing or advertising efforts.

Using “Super Bowl” Online – Advertising Guidelines: What You Can Say

  • You can use words like “The Big Game”, “Game Day“, or “Big Game”
  • Designers should use basic templates for football-related graphics, such as the shape of a football field, generic football player silhouettes, and football helmets
  • Stick to using general football terms like score, touchdown, and game
  • If you are mentioning a specific player, you may use their number, but you may not use their name
  • To be on the safe side, we suggest you add a disclosure like, “Not an official Sponsor of the NFL”

“Super Bowl” Social Media Post Restrictions

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In addition to the legal restrictions on the use of the term “Super Bowl,” there are also social media platforms that have policies in place to protect the trademark. For example, Twitter has a policy that prohibits using the term “Super Bowl” in hashtags or account names unless the account is affiliated with the NFL or an official sponsor of the event.

Twitter’s rules mean that businesses and individuals may not be able to use the term in their Twitter handles or in hashtags related to the Super Bowl if they could be seen as commercial in any way. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, businesses and individuals who are not affiliated with the NFL or an official sponsor of the event may still use “Super Bowl” in hashtags or account names if they use it in a non-commercial manner.

Facebook also restricts using “Super Bowl” in hashtags or account names. In fact, Facebook prohibits using this term on its platform unless an official sponsor of the event uses it. Facebook users may use the term “Super Bowl” in their posts, status updates, and comments if they do so in a non-commercial manner.

Can Churches Say “Super Bowl”?

super bowl church party

Most church Super Bowl events are acceptable, but a few guidelines must be followed to remain within the law and the NFL’s rules for churches.

Where the Event Happens

A church can show the game in its usual place of worship, but they cannot rent a different facility to watch the game.

Although NFL representatives have indicated that churches are permitted to show games on the property where they worship, if a school building is rented out for worship purposes, the NFL does not allow games to be shown in that location.

Churches May Not Charge Admission for “Super Bowl” Parties

Churches may not charge a fee for watching the Super Bowl, but donations are accepted to offset food costs.

Using Digital Video Recorders is Permitted

The NFL does not allow rebroadcasts of its games. However, churches can use a digital video recorder to watch the game from the beginning to end if Sunday evening services run past kickoff.

Do Not Use Names or Logos

The National Football League (NFL) protects the names, logos, and images associated with its trademarked game, “Super Bowl.” However, churches are allowed to use the term “Super Bowl” in promotional materials, but it is recommended they avoid using team names or logos.

Overall, the online restrictions on the use of the term “Super Bowl” are in place to protect the intellectual property of the NFL and ensure that the event is not associated with any unauthorized businesses or organizations. While these restrictions may be frustrating for businesses, it is important to respect them to avoid potential legal issues.

Note: Digital Results is not a legal agency but is providing researched information and not legal advice; we are also not affiliated with the NFL or any sports team or a sponsor of the “Super Bowl”.

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